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I, Rocket

Vocal Artistes :


Rocketship KS1 - Katherine Shade

Katherine Shade potrait (c) Kerri Ivanova

A trained orchestral performer, digital graphic designer and former editor of the SF magazine “Frontier”, Kath was an invaluable help to the production of “7th Victim” and from a small role in that Katharine has graduated to the lead in “I,Rocket” and deliver a unique performance for a unique part.


Captain Lamb - Darren Maxwell

7th Victim’s own Stanton is back as a hard cussing Space Captain!

Mean, moody, magnificent, Darren has produced, directed, acted, and written for independent short films since the late 1980’s and has a majorly chunky body of work, see

Belloc - Adrian Sherlock

No stranger to independent SF production, Ade is best known as alien fighter “Damon Dark” from a series of short films & tv shows he’s produced since the late 90’s. He has also appeared in a variety of roles in other production, check out

- George Ivanoff

George Does Good Stuff Fanfilm pioneer, SF author, Convention guest, Film actor, what can one say about the eternal George Ivanoff ??? Well plenty actually, he looks exactly the same as he did 20 years ago and I reckon he’s like that guy from Twilight Zone who lived forever. For other viewpoints check out ..

Conrad - Paul Potikii

Paul has worked on professional television production in New Zealand and been a stalwart of fan & independent films since he arrived here, producing storyboards, spfx , posters, et al for “Broken Allegiance”, “ Jedi Heritage” and “Alone” among others.



Director / Producer - Russell Devlin

A well known and long term local SF fan, Russell has been involved in fanfilm making since the Super 8 days of the early 80’s. _He produced a series of animated films including “Billy Bug” and “Riverdaleks” as well as various Convention opening videos and the documentary “Journeys into Space- SF TV in the 50’s”, shown at the 1999 WorldCon. _Russell also helped out with Tony Lawrence’s 1989 “Plasmo” pilot and assorted George Ivanov & Geoff Tilley productions.

Web Master - The Ghost Who Walks

z To the north there lies a cave, the cave of Kyer Baan Och...

Beware the frumious bandersnatch.

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