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Young Bruce Wayne sees his parents brutally murdered by a stickup bandit. As he grows he vows to fight crime, taking the guise of a bat to strike terror into the criminal heart.

On patrol he sees his fiancée, Julie Madison, attack a man while in a trance. He takes her to mind specialist Dr Wertham for treatment, who suggests a long ocean trip to Europe. Bruce suspects the Doctor’s motives and, as Batman, flies his Batgyro to the ship to check on Julie. He saves her from an attack by the Monk, a mysterious hooded figure in red, and then follows Julie to Paris.

He reaches her room but is attacked by a giant ape under the control of the Monk and falls into a fiendish trap. Gloating, the Monk tells Batman that Julie will feed his Hungarian werewolves but Batman escapes and pursues the Monk and Julie. He rescues Julie, then vows to deal with the Monk.

In Hungary, Batman stops the Monks carriage but discovers instead the strange girl Dala. That night she attacks Julie but after Batman captures her she promises to help him against the Monk. She instead leads him into a trap, where the Monks hypnotic powers overwhelm Batman. He summons Julie also, then reveals that he is no mere mortal but both Werewolf and Vampire.

He flings Batman into a wolf den, but Batman escapes using his Baterang and destroys the Monk and the nest of vampires with silver bullets, then burning them to ashes to destroy their menace forever.

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