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Seventh Victim . . .

G e n e s i s__ O f_ A_ _P r o j e c t


“7th Victim” has been a project that has progressed quickly once underway but been very long in the creation._

The producer has been involved with fan and independent films in varying capacities for over 20 years and been pleased to see them grow from in-joky home movie parodies to productions which rival contemporary cinema.

However, this success has caused its own problems, as many of the flaws which beset professional production have cropped up in the fan/indie subculture._

Ideas & story are often neglected in favour of enhanced production value and as a result budgets have increased dramatically, reducing the number of productions.
How many new films have appeared on TFN this year?

“7th Victim” has been designed as a counter to this._ We have taken as our inspiration the Radio & TV anthology series of the 50’s & 60’s, which used sharp, clever stories on low budgets with a few characters to produce SF classics which have never been surpassed._ We have deliberately limited our expenditure, using ingenuity, improvisation and Cinema Verite techniques to make up the difference.

Our hope is to produce a story which can be appreciated and enjoyed in the same way as a good “Twilight Zone” episode might be, but at a cost which the average fellow would be able to afford.

“7th Victim” is our proof of concept, should it prove successful the way we hope it will pave the way for similar projects, with ultimate results that we can only guess at.

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