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Seventh Victim . . .



In a world similar to our own, but different in a very special way,
a man and a woman, find each other,
and themselves...

The Players :

Stanton Frelaine - Darren Maxwell (Editor)

A true Rennaisance man of indie movies, Darren has produced, directed, acted, and written for independent short films and plays since the late 1980s.

Since the turn of the century he has directed 5 productions, each progressively more ambitious & sophisticated.
__For more details on Darren's extensive body of work, checkout his website :

For Seventh Victim, Darren gets to relish the lead role of Stanton Frelaine which offers him an excellent opportunity to work on a great story with a great centralised character.

Janet Patzig - Audrey Lamont

Audrey is a striking actor who has made a lasting impression on our production team. Performing across a range from classical theatrical roles such as “Antigone”, through into modern independent short films “Zig-Zag” and “Betrayal”, as well as being an experienced voice over artiste. As a martial arts expert, Audrey was cast in the sadly aborted fan-film “Broken Allegiance 2”.

Audrey essays the role of Janet Patzig, the victim with whom the hunter falls in love, with surprising results !
_ We don’t think we could have chosen a more suitable performer for this challenging role and firmly believe that she will achieve great success in her chosen field.

Ed Morrow
- Geoff Tilley

More of Geoff Another fan-film veteran, Geoff has been appearing in productions since the 80’s, primarily in his own eccentric comezdies such as “Ghostbastards”, “Shakespeare Wars” and “Sock Wars” (a Star Wars fan-film using sock puppets that he made on his Bucks Night!).

7th Victim is unusual for Geoff, moving outside comedy to act in a serious role as spotter Ed Morrow, with his intrinsic geneality, sense of humour and long standing friendship with Darren makes him a pleasure to work with and an asset for the team.

Lynda Cartier - Viv Perry

The hot gal with the gun, Viv is a full time uni student currently pursuing a bachelor of business degree in management and law._ When not under the strenuous labours of the dark and droopy lecture theatres, she spends her time playing acoustic guitar, listening to rock and heavy metal music, is a volunteer worker for the YMCA and StarWalking Inc. hanging out with friends and sleeping in.

Viv has appeared in several stage productions and more recently became involved with independent films both as performer and make-up artist.

Jules Lewis - Georgina Fragouli

Georgina Fragouli has been an avid reader and collector of science fiction since for the last 26 years with a substantial collection of classic novellas and stories from the 1950's & 1960's._ Georgina has an interest in the media having studied it as part of her university degree and this is the first time she's participated as an actor in a film.

The Academic - Katherine Shade

A lady of great talent and charm, Katherine is a trained orchestral performer, digital graphic designer and former editor of the SF magazine “Frontier” who has been of invaluable help to the production.

Katherine plays the University academic.

(please note that any resemblancewith any person living or dead is purely coincidental.....)


Hal Todd - Peter Jordan


Born: 1970
Joined Fandom: 1992
Seduced to a Committee by Dags: 1996
Lobotomised by Rusky: 2005
Living in obscurity with ....

(Any resemblance with any person living or dead is purely coincidental.....)



Director - Andrew Kutzer

Andrew has spent most of his life in the entertainment industry._ He has written, directed and acted in various independent films and plays over the years, most recently co-writing the play "Hold On To Your Dream" with Mark Walsh.

In his other life as a musician, Andrew has done session work and played in original bands such as Soft Edge and Colony Three._ He is currently working on a project writing and recording with ex-Eden frontman Sean Bowley._ Andrew also wrote the theme to the TV pilot "For the Name of the Wizard"._

Fight Coordinator - Sofie Sepsakos

A versatile actor & crew member of several years standing, Sofie has worked on stage and for a number of independent film productions including “Betrayal” and “Darkfall Resurrection”.

On 7th Victim Sofie choreographed the short but vital climactic fight sequence with the assistance of Audrey and has been a great help to the production.

Producer - Russell Devlin

A well known and long term local SF fan, Russell has been involved in fanfilm making since the Super 8 days of the early 80’s. _He produced a series of animated films including “Billy Bug” and “Riverdaleks” as well as various Convention opening videos and the documentary “Journeys into Space- SF TV in the 50’s”, shown at the 1999 WorldCon. _Russell also helped out with Tony Lawrence’s 1989 “Plasmo” pilot and assorted George Ivanov & Geoff Tilley productions.

“7th Victim” is his most ambitious project to date, a serious Science Fiction drama along the lines of the 60’s TV anthology series.

Web Master - The Ghost Who Walks

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